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For a time both were silent

June 21, 2012

That is why humans were glad to come to Fantastica. And the more these visits enriched our world, the fewer lies there were in theirs, the better it became. Just as our two worlds can injure each other, they can also make each other whole again.”

For a time both were silent. Then she went on: “Humans are our hope. One of them must come and give me a new name. And he will come.”

Atreyu made no answer.

“Do you understand now, Atreyu,” she asked, “why I had to ask so much of you? Only a long story full of adventures, marvels, and dangers could bring our savior to me. And that was your story.” Atreyu sat deep in thought. At length he nodded. “Yes, Golden-eyed Commander of Wishes, now I understand. I thank you for choosing me. Forgive my anger.”

“You had no way of knowing these things,” she answered. “And that too was necessary.”

Again Atreyu nodded. After a short silence he said: “But I’m very tired.”

“You have done enough, Atreyu. Would you like to rest?”

“Not yet. First I would like to see the happy outcome of my story. If, as you say, I’ve carried out my mission, why isn’t the savior here yet? What’s he waiting for?”

“Yes,” said the Childlike Empress softly. “What is he waiting for?”

Bastian felt his hands growing moist with excitement. “I can’t do it,” he said. “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do. Maybe the name I’ve thought of isn’t the right one.” 

Atreyu raised himself with difficulty Again they sat silent
Atreyu raised himself with difficulty
Again they sat silent


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